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    StraightSmile Solutions™ links licensed general and pediatric dentists with a practicing orthodontist. Clients can expect to become in-touch directly using their orthodontic consultant, which ensures accurate information completely from a professional.

    StraightSmile Solutions™ offers coaching on the internet, from the mode of communication that works well best for you. StraightSmile Solutions™ removes the typical barriers to effective and efficient coaching.

    Consultations offered through StraightSmile Solutions™ can be fully customized from prepared to delivery. StraightSmile Solutions™ will never require clients to create long lasting contracts or commitments. Every interaction may be closely tailored to match the client’s interest and means. We coach on almost every orthodontic system in the marketplace from Invisalign®, Invisalign Teen®, 6 month Smiles®, The Healthy Start®, Inman Aligner®, Clear Correct®, Originator®, Orchestrate3D, OrthoSnap®, eXceed® SmartMoves®…and more! Still like traditional braces? We are able to coach on that too! We’ll customize our coaching sessions to your orthodontic treatment preferences.

    Regardless of the communication preferences your client may prefer, StraightSmile Solutions™ can hold you. StraightSmile Solutions™ regularly conducts coaching through phone conference calls, HIPPA-Compliant video chat and HIPAA-Compliant e-mail messaging portal.

    The main aim of StraightSmile Solutions™ would be to offer quality and efficient coaching to licensed dentists and their teams, to have positive outcomes in patient care in the industry. StraightSmile Solutions™ coaching services can be obtained exclusively online, offering clients a cost-effective and time-saving substitute for expensive in-office coaching sessions. By streamlining our services, StraightSmile Solutions™ has the capacity to spread operational financial savings with their clients.

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